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Republic of Somaliland Representative Office In Taiwan |Republic of Somaliland Representative Office In Taiwan |Republic of Somaliland Representative Office In Taiwan |
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Chenggong Rd, Neihu District, Taipei City


Dr. Mohamed Hagi, the Representative of the Republic of Somaliland to Taiwan recently held a significant meeting with Mayor Chang San cheng of Taoyuan. The purpose of this gathering was to reinforce relations between the two nations and forge connections between their respective cities.

Taoyuan, known for its importance as Taiwans primary gateway with an airport and essential ports served as the venue for these fruitful discussions. With logistics and transportation entities like Evergreen container shipping, Eva Air and China Airlines based in Taoyuan the city plays a role in Taiwans economic landscape.

The meeting was really productive. It led to some outcomes. Mayor Chang San cheng showed a lot of enthusiasm, for fostering collaboration between his city and those, in Somaliland. Whats particularly noteworthy is that Taoyuan took an approach demonstrating their readiness to form partnerships by utilizing their location and strong economy.

In response to Taoyuan’s commitment, Dr. Mohamed Hagi underlined the Republic of Somaliland’s commitment to deepening ties with Taoyuan and other important cities across all domains. The Somaliland Representative Office is well prepared to strengthen ties with all cities concerned and develop a network of collaboration.

This effort highlights the commitment of the Republic of Somaliland and Taiwan to foster cooperation, comprehension and shared prosperity. As both parties strengthen their involvement this partnership holds potential, in promoting socio economic progress.



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