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Republic of Somaliland Representative Office In Taiwan |Republic of Somaliland Representative Office In Taiwan |Republic of Somaliland Representative Office In Taiwan |
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Somaliland-Taiwan Economic Cooperation: Challenges, Opportunities, and Prospects

Author: Abdiqani Muse Hassan* * Ph.D. Candidate in International Business, Asia University, Taichung, Taiwan   In 2020, the Republic of Somaliland and the Republic of China (Taiwan) formed diplomatic relations and established representative offices in the respective capitals. Since then, the two countries have started technical assistance projects in agriculture, information technology, and medical sectors, […]
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Somaliland Delegation Visit to Taiwan

On Feb 8th, 2022, a high-level delegation from Somaliland led by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Essa Kayd Mohamoud arrived in Taiwan. The members of the delegation also include Somaliland Minister of Finance Saad Ali Shire, Somaliland Minister of Health Omar Abdilahi Ali, and Somaliland Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Saeed Mohamed Sulub. […]
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Wanfang Medical Mission in Somaliland

Medical Mission from Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital arrived in Hargeisa on 27th September 2021. The medical team aims to conduct a feasibility study at Hargeisa Group Hospital. In the feasibility study, the medical team seeks to examine the health Information system (HIS) and the needs of the Hargeisa Group Hospital in order to understand the […]
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acting foreign affairs minister of the republic of somaliland Mr. Liban Yusuf

Somaliland’s Foreign Affairs Ministry Launches Country Profile 2021

On the morning of June 21, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Somaliland launched the Somaliland country profile (2021) which provides valuable information on Somaliland’s history, geography, politics, economy, social information, and more. The country profile contains eight sections including sections underlining the re-independence of Somaliland in 1991, the legal case of […]
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Somaliland, Taiwan Sign Medical Cooperation Agreement

Taiwan and the Republic of Somaliland signed a Medical Cooperation Agreement aimed to promote the current healthcare system in Somaliland. Liban Yusuf, the acting Foreign Minister, who is also the Vice Foreign Minister of Somaliland, has inked the agreement with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan, Dr. Joseph Wu on Wednesday, June 16. The […]
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Minister Joseph Wu speaks with President Muse Bihi

Foreign Minister of Taiwan (ROC) Joseph Wu extended Taiwan’s congratulatory remarks to H.E. Muse Bihi for the recent free and fair elections in Somaliland. Mr. Wu said: “It’s a tremendous privilege speaking with H.E Muse Bihi. The president’s commitment to holding the elections is a critical step toward consolidating Somaliland’s democracy—an admirable model worthy of […]
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Somaliland, Taiwan Fine Tune Cooperation

Taiwan Foreign Minister, Dr Joseph Wu and Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Somaliland, Liban Yousuf Osman, connected virtually on Tuesday to further fine-tune the burgeoning collaboration between the two sides on a number of sectoral programmes. The Somaliland MFA called the discussions ‘wide-ranging’ verging on ‘matters of mutual […]
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Dajia Mazu Festival 2021

Attending Dajia Mazu Festival 2021

The annual Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage is the largest religious procession in Taiwan, it began on April 9 and concluded on April 18. Presenting Taichung City’s 12 hundred-year-old temples at once, the festival aims to strengthen regional values whilst showing Taichung’s cultural diversity. The head of development and cultural affairs, Mr. Abdiqani Muse and the head […]
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