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Wanfang Medical Mission in Somaliland

Medical Mission from Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital arrived in Hargeisa on 27th September 2021. The medical team aims to conduct a feasibility study at Hargeisa Group Hospital. In the feasibility study, the medical team seeks to examine the health Information system (HIS) and the needs of the Hargeisa Group Hospital in order to understand the personnel knowledge regarding high-risk group care, monitoring health surveillance and disease control, and to identify the common causes for morbidity and mortality, and to assessing healthcare quality in the Somaliland community.

Wanfang Medical Mission met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland, the Minister of Health Development, and the General Director of the Hargeisa Group Hospital. During their visits to Hargeisa, they paid a sightseeing tour to Hargeisa Group Hospital to conduct an onsite assessment and monitor hospital capacity.

In order to improve and upgrade the service quality and health Information system (HIS) of Hargeisa Group Hospital WanFang Hospital Team will consider dispatching a permanent medical mission to Hargeisa Group Hospital as soon as possible.




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